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The Last Word features the Autobit

The movie The Last Word depicts the concept of the Autobituary (as I offer here on my site) in mainstream culture. Coming to theaters on March 3rd, this movie features Shirley MacLaine as Harriet Lawler, a woman who realizes her time is soon to come and wants to have "The Last Word" about her life. She hires Anne Sherman/Amanda Seyfried to write it. However, when Anne is tasked with going around town and hitting up all the people Harriet knows to collect some "nice sentiments" about her, none of them can muster even one positive word. Harriet is taken aback by this revelation. Hey ~ the truth hurts! Soon Harriet's conspiring on how to change her image and in the process, gets help from some unexpected sources.  By opening herself up to new possibilities, she realizes it's never too late to change the trajectory of your life! 

"The thought of leaving my obituary to chance is completely

unreasonable to me." ~ Harriet Lawler/Shirley MacLaine

This philosophy is at the very core of my Autobituary writing: that while we write yours - prematurely - in the process, you may indeed reassess your own life and decide it IS going along as planned or..."Hell Nooooo,  I want to be known for something different, better, or ?" Bottom line: writing one's obituary is a reflective experience and may make you change how you're living your life TODAY, as you write The Last Word about YOU...