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The Pacific Ocean


LC loves aiding and abetting clients in writing their own obituaries, their own "Last Calls!" The beauty of writing your own obituary or "autobituary," as some call it, is that you get to control the very last thing ever written about you. ​Include a surprise message for a loved one, a personal triumph that perhaps no one knows about or an anecdote about the individual who changed your life for the better. The tone can be funny, solemn, irreverent, or all of the above.  

Autobituary Example

Ellis Boyd Redding (October 11, 1909 - __________) "Red" - or Ellis Boyd Redding, the name I was born with - has kicked the bucket. Dammit I kicked it before Andy did! That man outlived me after all. We'd made a bet just like the ones we made at Shawshank.

My life? Well hell I thought the majority of it - 40 years - would be spent in there but instead I ended up living __ more here in Zihuatenejo, Mexico. I could never have imagined or hoped for anything like this paradise, if it wasn't for my good friend Andy. Andy Dufresne, made me believe in "hope" again, after I'd bid it adieu a long time before he showed up. 

I grew up poor, one of ten kids, whose mama could barely keep us straight because she was working so many jobs. Daddy skated in and out of our lives. I mastered the five finger discount, pretty harmless stuff, in between ditching school. Then at 18, I ramped up my game, joining some neighborhood thugs, who hit up rich people's homes. For my very first and last job, I ended up shooting and killing a retired judge, who was supposed to be in Nantucket. The public defender assigned to me barely knew my name and I was given a life sentence for my crime in a maximum security resort, Shawshank Prison. 

In the Big House I was known as the man who could get you anything - cigarettes, playing cards, etc. I enjoyed what little power that gave me until this 'tall drink of water with a silver spoon up his ass' arrived at Shawshank. I pegged Andy as an uppity son of a bitch but I couldn't have been more off the mark. After his first month there, Andy approached me to procure some black market items for him, like the other guys did. After that, we became fast friends. He showed me the real power a man could wield even behind bars. For the next 19 years we shared stories, jokes and most of all, a kinship. Up for parole after 20 years: rejected. Up for parole after 30 years: rejected. Up for parole after 40 years: approved.  

When I got paroled, I had no idea that my best years lay ahead of me. I traveled south to Mexico to help Andy run his little inn, Pajarita's. We also ran a fishing charter boat for our guests. A year later, at 59, I met the light of my life, Luz - yes that's Spanish for light - whose iridescence nearly blinded me. We made a life together and spent countless starry nights under the big wide sky, eating dinners with Andy, his wife Jennifer and their three children. I got to be an uncle! How rich life became for me. 

Red - that's me - took off for grander adventures on ______ __, ____ at the age of __. Sprinkle me over the Pacific, that vast ocean with no memory. Maybe you'll see me out there when the light hits the water at just the right angle and even hear the faint hint of a harmonica playing somewhere...Luz y Rojo juntos por siempre (Luz and Red together forever).                                           {Inspired by film The Shawshank Redemption}

** Note spaces left empty because we're writing your autobituary with those as unknowns. I highly suggest your autobituary gets notarized along with your will and then locked away with other critical documents such as life insurance, etc.

What do you want your legacy to be?

How do YOU want to be remembered?